Ylang Ylang & Frankincense Face Cream

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  • Rosehip Oil,Jojoba Oil,Vitamin E,Frankincense Essential Oil,Ylang Ylang Essential Oil & Natural Preservative

Ylang Ylang – This essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, but can also help to regenerate the skin cells and help smooth out fine lines while improving elasticity. It's another great choice for wrinkle reduction.

Frankincense - This essential oil can help prevent wrinkles and lift and tighten skin to stop or reverse the signs of aging. Because it's a powerful astringent, it also helps reduce acne blemishes and the appearance of large pores.

Rosehip Oil - Chock-full of goodness, it helps to protect and hydrate skin, fight free radical damage, and reduce wrinkles.The vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenate the skin to restore elasticity, help to correct dark spots, and reduce the appearance of scars.

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